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**Non-Profits and Community Groups, please Email me for special pricing**

According to Zabie Yamasaki, Trauma Informed Yoga is, "[noun] an empowering yoga practice that prioritizes the lived experience and healing of a survivor. Safety, trust, choice and control are core components of the practice."

Each class that I teach is an invitation for you to become reacquainted with your Whole Self. You may notice that I don't cue you into postures, rather, you're invited into them. From there, you'll be offered the space to explore what you need from the shape and how you uniquely respond to it. My intention is for each person in my care to have a personal opportunity to be gentle with themselves, while learning to TRUST their bodies as safe spaces. 

Slow down | Feel | Experience | Breathe

Whether our time together is in restorative yoga or a sweaty vinyasa class, we move SLOWLY, with the exploration of personal pacing and breath, so that we can experience ourselves in Yoga. By practicing this way, we FEEL our strength, hear our bodies, and learn to trust our intuition.

Yoga Classes

Thursdays | 9 am | Breathe Ojai presents Medicine Flow with Durga Dasi | Daly Ranch Park, Ojai | RSVP Required

Request Durga to teach at your studio!

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Trauma Conscious Yoga Immersions

Coming to Ojai and Ventura Soon!

Host an Immersion in your space.

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Yoga Immersions are comprehensive 5 or 8 week sessions that are experienced in the context of community. We will meet once a week, consecutively, for 2-3 hours at a time. These classes are for female identified individuals who are dedicated to their healing of trauma. Whether this is your first step, or one of many, all that is required is your willingness to show up. 

Immersions are programs inviting survivors into a deeper relationship with their bodies, reclaiming them as their own. We'll explore techniques to ground and explore, experimenting with tools of mindfulness and yoga. We focus on intentional themes and facilitate healing beyond the mat. We also utilize the arts of journaling, guided meditation, music and creative expression.

Class sized are limited to ensure that everyone has an ample attention and care from Durga.

Recommended props: TBD

Community Rate : 5 week: $10 | 8 week: $80 (Discounted)

Sustainer: 5 week: $90 | 8 week: $144 (Covers the cost of class)

Supporter: 5 week: $108 | 8 week: $160 (Pays for you and allows for the sliding scale)





















Kirtan & Satsang

Full Moon Satsang | Jan 17, 2022  | 6 - 7 pm | Private Residence, Ojai | RSVP Required 

Full Moon Satsang | March 18, 2022  | 6 - 7 pm | Private Residence, Ojai | RSVP Required 

Full Moon Satsang | April 16, 2022  | 6 - 7 pm | Private Residence, Ojai | RSVP Required 

Invite Durga to chant in your space.

Enjoy past kirtans here

Satsang is a sacred gathering of devotees for the sake of spiritual growth and building of community. 

All are welcome.

Kirtan is a sacred and ancient practice of devotion. We chant the Names of Divine Love in a melodiously meditative call and response expression of song. This opens our hearts to a deeper connection to the Love that is our Truest, Purest Nature... and, oftentimes, a felt sense of that Love. Inclusive Community. 

Offered by donation. Nobody is ever turned away. 

Aham Prema: I AM Love | Sat, Feb 19, 2022 | 7-9pm | Private Residence, Ojai | RSVP Required
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Thanks again for a wonderful workshop on Saturday. I realized after that a lot of things came up for me, so it was comforting to hold space with a lovely group of people that shared a similar desire toward learning more and having compassion for trauma survivors through yoga and mindfulness.



"I just wanted to tell you how much I really love your class. And most importantly how much I love you as my guide in helping me to receive what I need on my journey through life. I have only taken two classes, but the healing I have received is unbelievable."


Thank you for a most lovely & rejuvenating yoga and meditation class. Your genuine love & understanding of the Truth of all beings was evident."

-Joyce V

"I have struggled with anxiety/depression for many years and yoga has been incredibly healing for me. Durga Dasi's classes are wonderful. I always leave feeling so much better about myself and the world around me. Her genuine and empathetic nature make her a truly amazing yoga teacher and human. Thank you for providing a safe place to gain confidence, strength, and courage. Namaste"