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Soul Solace: a Restorative Yoga Experience | Tuesdays, 7 pm Kevala Wellness and Ayurveda | Long Beach, CA


Soul Solace is a restorative yoga experience integrating asana, meditation, mudra, mantra/kirtan, and pranayama. This very special offering is for body, mind, and heart/soul. We take yoga beyond asana to create a truly sacred experience that is unique each week. Intuitively guided by Durga Dasi, with many sacred pauses to feel into our bodies and allow movements or stillness in alignment with our personal needs. This allows us to rewire the neuro-pathways in our brains so that we can develop stronger relationships with our own intuition and self care.  


Our INCLUSIVE community affirmatively welcomes ALL genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, religions, and abilities. Trauma informed and rooted in the yogic path of Bhakti Yoga, this class offers something for body, mind, and spirit.

Sacred contribution of $15 - $25

Private Sessions (In person or via Zoom for global access)

One Hour Session Appointments Available:

Sunday: 8-10am

Tuesday: 8am-12pm; 2-4pm

Thursday: 5-7pm

Other options may be available upon request


Sacred sessions offer guidance to individuals who are ready to take their yoga practice beyond asana, diving deep into healing old wounds and embodying the Divine Love that is the True essence of our Being. 

During these precious one on one sessions, we look at samskaras, traumas and other blockages that leave us feeling broken, unworthy, and stuck; and then explore yogic Truths and techniques that reframe these ways of thinking and being. We look beyond the Maya and into the delightful Truth of Love that We Are. 

Sacred Contribution: Sliding Scale, please contact for info

Weekly Yoga Classes

Tuesdays | 7pm | Soul Solace Restorative | Kevala Ayurveda and Wellness | Long Beach


Guest Teaching: Yoga Classes

Sat 11/23| 9:30am | All Levels Flow |

Yoga Loft |Manhattan Beach

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Private sessions now enrolling.

Thanks again for a wonderful workshop on Saturday. I realized after that a lot of things came up for me, so it was comforting to hold space with a lovely group of people that shared a similar desire toward learning more and having compassion for trauma survivors through yoga and mindfulness.



"I just wanted to tell you how much I really love your class. And most importantly how much I love you as my guide in helping me to receive what I need on my journey through life. I have only taken two classes, but the healing I have received is unbelievable."


Thank you for a most lovely & rejuvenating yoga and meditation class. Your genuine love & understanding of the Truth of all beings was evident."

-Joyce V

"I have struggled with anxiety/depression for many years and yoga has been incredibly healing for me. Durga Dasi's classes are wonderful. I always leave feeling so much better about myself and the world around me. Her genuine and empathetic nature make her a truly amazing yoga teacher and human. Thank you for providing a safe place to gain confidence, strength, and courage. Namaste"


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