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Honoring Earth Mother and All My Relations with Rituals of Self and Community care.

The seeds for these offerings came about after several of my yoga students requested the option to purchase aromatherapy blends I'd made for our classes... and then some began to ask about custom blends based on specific intentions. Candles, often used for ritual in many religious and spiritual lineages, seemed a natural addition to a collection of supplies for self care in a pure and spiritual sense. 

Being an Indigenous herbalist and trauma-informed yoga teacher/counselor, I know the power of plant medicine... and have had a deep connection to our Plant allies since very early childhood. For this, I am grateful. During private sessions, I often recommended or blended teas and such for my students to support them in their journey of Self discovery and healing. 

Being a licensed cosmetologist, I quickly realized how ugly the beauty industry can be, and decided I could do something about it, at least in my community.

All of this is the Grace of Great Mother - Ma's Grace.

Putting all of these intentions into one cauldron is how we landed here, on this journey of re-establishing our relationship with plants, Earth, and Self. I pray these humble offerings serve you.

Chokma’shki - Thank you!

*Special pricing available for BIPOC non-profits. Please contact me for information.​

Skincare Rituals

Organic oil blends, deodorant, and facial care. 


Bath Rituals

Organic bath teas and scrubs.


Tea Ritual

Organic tea and tisanes; caffeinated and herbal.

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