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Honoring Earth Mother and All My Relations with Rituals of Self and Community care.

Being an Indigenous herbalist and trauma-informed yoga teacher/counselor, I know the power of plant medicine... and have had a deep connection to our Plant Relatives since very early childhood. For this, I am grateful. During private sessions, I often recommend or blend teas and such for my students to support them in their journey of Self discovery and healing. 

Being a licensed cosmetologist, I quickly realized how ugly the beauty industry can be, and decided I could do something about it, at least in my community.

All of this is the Grace of Great Mother - Ma's Grace.

Putting all of these intentions into one cauldron is how we landed here, on this journey of re-establishing our relationship with plants, Earth, and Self. I pray these humble offerings serve you.

Chokma’shki - Thank you!

*Special pricing available for BIPOC non-profits. Please contact me for information.​

Skincare Rituals

Organic oil blends, deodorant, and facial care. 


Bath Rituals

Organic bath teas and scrubs.


Tea Ritual

Organic tea and tisanes; caffeinated and herbal.

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A percentage of all proceeds supports the ongoing need to protect and Indigenous Women in the so-called USA. We contribute to the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Council (NIWRC) and Rising Hearts.

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