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Shakti Embodied™ Private Sessions

Available Tuesday - Saturday, 9am - 7pm PST | Zoom or In Person | Schedule Complimentary Consultation | Download Sacred Agreement 

Prior to booking a private session, we'll have a conversation via Zoom or phone to ensure that what I offer can best serve you. If we mutually agree to work together, you'll receive a questionnaire and agreement (which is available for download above, feel free to include that with your inquiry email, if you'd like!) which will offer you another opportunity to share additional information. Creating a space of safety and wellness for each of us is top priority!

Private sessions offer a unique opportunity for practitioner and client. We begin by calling in Great Spirit, guides, or simply settling in and connecting to intention and breath; and work with a variety of yogic-based techniques as intuitively guided, and based on prior consultation and/or sessions; as well as present needs and circumstances. 

Due to the intimate nature of these sessions, they are offered for womxn identified/non-binary persons only. Our focus is healing our connection with the Sacred Feminine as She Divinely manifests in and around us. The work we do to heal trauma and blockages is to clear the path of Internal Communion with our own innate Divinity. Shakti is the Feminine Principle of Creator, the Power that creates and calls all into existence. As we heal, we embody this Truth of Who We Are.

Some of our Practices include:

Kirtan, a musical chanting experience directed toward the heart of Love. 

Yoga, going beyond asana, utilizing a more complete approach to the Eight Limbs encouraging body, mind, and heart alignment; while inviting homeostasis to the nervous system. 

Somatic Experiencing with Guided Meditation, cultivating presence with body sensations and navigating them to uncover hidden fear, trauma, resistance, etc. 

Trauma Informed Techniques such as resourcing, grounding, and learning techniques to self-regulate our nervous systems. 

Crystal and Sound Healing inviting Earth energy and frequency to help soothe and ease body and mind.

Earth Therapies, inviting deep connection to Nature and Earth Mother, offering grounding and support. 

Herbal Allies, such as teas, tinctures, oils, etc.


(Please note that I do not use nor condone the casual use of hallucinogenic plant medicine, as these should ONLY be taken under the guidance of Indigenous Medicine People <Alikchi>. Though I am an Indigenous person, I am not qualified to administer such powerful plant medicine, and honor that our Plant Relatives and traditions must be appropriately respected.)

Live session of 60-75 minutes. Available in Person or Zoom. Offered for Individuals, Couples, or Families.


Community Rate : $81 (Discounted)

Sustainer: $108 (Actual cost of one session)

Supporter: $154 (Pays for you and allows for the sliding scale)