Sacred Self Sessions
Discover the Truth of Who you are.

We're all on a journey inward... to the beautiful depths of our own hearts... where our true Selves dwell. 

In the Bhagavad Gita (6.20), Sri Krishna says, "Yoga is the journey of the self through the self to the self"


Private Sessions with Durga Dasi are an intuitive experience of inner navigation... an Inner Redesign, if you will, utilizing various practices of Yoga; offering guidance for Self discovery, healing, and wholeness.

During these individualized sessions, Durga facilitates the space and tools for yoga to work in and with you personally; exploring samskaras, traumas and other blockages that leave us feeling broken, unworthy, and stuck; and then explore yogic Truths and techniques that reframe these ways of thinking and being. We look beyond the Maya/fear and into the delightful Truth of Love that We Are. 


Each session is heart-crafted in the moment, and may include any of the following elements:

Yoga asana (postures: restorative and active)


Crystal placement and healing

Sound healing with minimal crystal bowls and chimes

Guided meditation

Yogic Philosophy

Trauma-informed practices

Somatic Experiencing

Music (kirtan)

Divine Guidance (prayer and invocation)

Sacred Contribution

Phone/Zoom Consultation: Complimentary

I serve the Divine Mother by serving YOU;  and inclusivity is of utmost importance to my personal Practice. For this reason, I do what I can to ensure each offering is financially accessible.Yoga is not my business... it is my Practice, and I trust you to be honest with what is affordable for you. Jai Mā!

Community Share : $54 (For those with tighter budgets)

Sustainer Offering: $81 (Covers the cost of one session)

Supporter Contribution: $108 (This allows for the sliding scale)


                                        Gift Certificates available!

If these options do not align with your financial needs, please email me to discuss additional options.

"I came to Durga with a void, a need, riddled with self-deprecating beliefs about myself. The very first session opened something inside of me; I met a part of myself I had been suppressing for many years. The service Durga provides is invaluable. I have been practicing Yoga and meditation for about two years but, upon working with Durga, my body screamed back at me the decades of abuse and neglect. My heart opened, although afraid. My inner-child awoken, acknowledged and gradually set free. Through this work, I was able to cultivate a loving practice with Ma as well. I can connect with Ma in a way I have been yearning to for many years. The work was intense, but incredibly worth it. Durga’s relationship with Ma is beautiful. Her devotion can be felt immediately. It is her connection and devotion with Ma that allows for such loving and impactful work. I am eternally grateful for Durga Dasi. For the time and love she offers to guide others on this path to meet the Self."

- Anonymous

"I had been going to therapy for almost three years when I realized I was stuck.. sick of talking and detached from my emotions.  At this time it was suggested I try to do more body oriented work...
It was the universe aligning for my path to cross Durga’s and for me (of all people) to end up in a private yoga session, so completely outside of my element.  Durga has an uncanny ability to make you feel safe, welcomed, and understood, which helped me through those early sessions. Durga provides a service so unique, which beautifully welds the worlds of yoga, spirituality, and body work — with a high degree of fluency for the recovery process and trauma.  I am grateful beyond words for her divine guidance, which has helped me to begin the process of healing, helped improve my relationship to Self and with others. When I walked into my first session I was willing to try anything to feel whole again (yes even asana), but had no expectation for the kind of love and life I might be capable of living. May the journey continue for all of us. Jai Kali Ma! "

– Adrienne

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