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What We're Made Of

Within the bosom of Her love is peace… a serenity so deep, it’s hard to fathom. To be held here, in Her arms at Her breast, requires only surrender. So simple and yet challenging. Trust and surrender go hand in hand and, for the wounded child, this is no easy feat. Simple, though not easy… still, there’s such ease to be experienced within Her embrace, suckling the sweet nectar of Her essence and our truest nature.

My son is made of me. He is not me, but he is made of my body… of my blood and DNA, combined with that of his father to make an entirely unique and separate entity who is still made of us.

We are made of our Mother… created in Her womb by Her blood and Earth’s DNA. Some see the human condition as a curse… but how magically beautiful to be Her flesh and blood embodied on our living Mother Earth - another tangible form of our Great Mother.

We are made of not only of the stars, but of Great Mother Herself. I can think of no sweeter cure to the current disease of the human condition than to unearth this knowledge within ourselves. We know this... we just don't always know that we know... We are Hers and Hers alone, whether or not we realize this status.

My dear SatGuru, Sri Anandamayi Ma, says it better than I ever could:

"Even though you may want to push God the Mother aside, She will never leave you. Are you not her offspring? A mother does what is good and beneficial for her child. She gives to her scion exactly what is needed, not more and not less. Her forgiveness knows no limits, this is why she is called MOTHER. If with deep faith, devotion and love you can exclaim: 'Mother, come to me, I cannot pass my days without you', rest assured, the Universal Mother will spread out Her arms and clasp you to Her heart. Don't look up to Her only as a mysterious refuge in your hour of distress. Keep in mind, She is always very, very near as the Force that guides your life. She Herself is the supreme refuge of every sentient being. With this conviction proceed. She will take the brunt of your burdens from your shoulders and make them light."

My favorite author, Devadatta Kali, reminds us, “She is Mother… you must go beyond your fear and come to Her in love… what you love you cannot fear, and Kali takes us beyond all fear...Whatever you may have done in the past, let it go… there is nothing you can hide from the all-knowing Divine Mother… Do you think She loves you any less for your mistakes?...You are the Mother’s child. Remember that and cast off all sense of unworthiness!”

As I write this, allowing myself to sip the nectar of Mother's love, my darling baby sleeps. I'm rocking him, enchanted by his every breath. So many times have I studied the curves of his face, the dimples in his hands... he is the epitome of perfection to me.

Reflecting on my love for him, the closest tangible experience of unconditional love I've ever encountered; I cannot help but be more than slightly bewildered at the thought of Her love... of Kali/Great Mother's love for me. For you. For all of creation.

It's challenging to contemplate a love greater than what I feel for my son, and yet I know it exists... far beyond the realm of my comprehension exists a love so perfect, I fear our hearts would shatter in trying to contain it.

This is the quest, isn't it? To know this Love beyond all else. After all, It's what we're made of.

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