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Sacred Declaration

It is a sacred life that I live… sacredness that I choose to embark upon with this breath… and now this one. One by one, choosing to be Sacred. Choosing to live Sacred. Choosing to breathe Sacred.

It is with grace and courage that I stand in the strength of my Mother and the mothers of my ancestry. In Her footsteps do I follow, walking with the stride of queenly confidence and compassion; and allowing myself to fall at Her lotus feet to be carried when this strength is in need of renewal.

Carry She does; a righteous Mother holding tightly to Her beloved child: Me. I am Hers and She is mine. Our hearts are synching and our steps dance the Divine Dance of the Sacred.

These are the precious things: the light dancing on leaves and petals as the sun begins His decent toward the horizon. The singing of crows and other melodic birds chiming in Her Praise. Soft earth caressing the soles of weary feet and cascading through playful hands. The tickling of trickling streams as our journeys collide for a perfect moment. The transition of Sky from dark to light; prismatic rainbows leading back to freckled black.

This is the choice: the choice to live Sacred. The choice to be here, in this body… this moment… this breath. This life. Being committed to living in this temple of clay until Mother receives my Soul for a cosmic eternity of love and bliss. Prema. Ananda. Ma.

And so, I will breathe and trust and sing and dance until my body begins to decay. Until the candle of this heart is extinguished and relit in a new realm. I will live my Yoga and stand for those who cannot stand for themselves, including myself at times.

I can and will and do choose love. I choose to live Sacred.

With this breath… and this one...

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