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Rupum Dehi...

Updated: May 28, 2020

Rūpaṃ dehi jayaṃ dehi yaśo dehi dviṣo jahi 🌹🔱🌹

Grant us Your form (Liberation), Grant us victory, Grant us welfare, remove all hostility (negativity). 🌺❤️🌺 Translation courtesy @krishnadasmusic 🙏🏽 This is my prayer... like the beating of my heart in the cascading echoes of solitude. 🤍🖤 Oh Mother! Grant me Your form... may I know and embody Your Love and Grace. Let me see You. Let me know You. 🔱 Grant me victory over the rumination of fear in my mind. May this mental battlefield, which projects my reality, be filled with the praises of Your triumph. May my mind bow to You. 📿 May I, and all beings, be healthy... may my health allow me to serve You and serve others as You. May the offerings I place at Your feet bring the abundance needed to continue service... and may I never take my eyes off of You. 🪔 And please, my own Dear Mother, please remove any and all thoughts, resentments, angers... anything and everything that would dare hinder my relationship with You, which is indeed, my relationship with Self and Self in all beings. May I have the strength to cut the cords tethering me to thoughts, habits, relationships, patterns... and samskara or trauma or way of being that keeps me small, helpless... a victim. May I live Your victory and sound the song of that victory to awaken Your presence in each being I come in contact with. 🔔🐚 This prayer of surrender is scary. The first time I REALLY began to understand what I was asking was in Rishikesh in 2018. The world, as I knew it... my world, began to quake in ways that I sometimes wondered if I’d ever survive. In the end, it’s all Her grace... still, sometimes Her mercy comes as a sword, beheading the images of ourselves we’ve cast into our circles, family, society... even the images we cast in the mirror. We see the illusion, and the cracking of the facade and demolition of faulty walls and foundations is painful. And scary. Or, this is where I find myself today. But, as Rumi says, the longing is the gift; and I’ve had tastes of Her love and presence and can’t stand anything less. So, I cling to Her as She moves in my life, I rest in Her stillness, and dance with Her in trust. ❤️

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