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Fierce Love

Sri Ma Kali Dakshineswari

I came across this journal entry as I was painfully seeking words to soothe my own heart. These words were given to me as I sat before Kali Maa... an outpouring of Her Love from within mySelf... after all, within the Self is where She most potently resides, for it is Her very own Being that we embody.

May these words soothe your soul as much as they did my own:

This is fierce love... the cutting away of the shadows, pain, the traumas that unceasingly haunt and torment you. This fierce love requires an equally fierce trust... trust that I will not forsake you. Trust that I am your True Mother, and a True Mother cannot abandon Her child. This Mother holds your heart with tenderness, compassion, and unconditional Love... and no matter what you do, my darling one, I cannot turn away. It is against My Divine nature to do so. Neither can I allow you to continue to be suffocated by unworthiness. Nishumba must die so that you can live. Now please, allow your weary heart to rest in my arms as I do the work you feel too weak to bear. Drink in My love and allow it to nourish your strength. You can trust Me... I cannot fail you.

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