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We all long so desperately to belong…

To be seen,




Coming up time and time again empty and broken from this deeply entrenched longing.

Longing for belonging.

Somehow, we came across the notion that we are alone and forgotten in a world so vast and contrasted.

We’ve adopted the mindset that we are unworthy, unlovable, and hideous to behold.

We’ve lost our way.

The way of the Heart.

The Path of Truth and Connection.

The Being of Love…unconditional, un-earnable, un-losable Love.

We’ve forgotten our True Nature…

Lost sight of our intrinsic Divinity…

Lost touch with our inherent Sacredness.

We long so desperately to belong

And, really, all we can do is belong to ourSelves…

The One Who not only holds our center, but IS Center.

The One Who is not only seen, but Sees;

Is not only heard, but Hears…

The Eternal Love that We ARE.

The worthiness that breathes from our Loving Nature…

The Beauty that blooms from our own Hearts.  

There’s no need to long for ANYTHING…we are EVERYTHING.

All that we need, long, and seek after are already and always within…

Micro seeds in need of nurture.

We cannot lose the Love that is Who we are.

We cannot lessen the Divinity that sparks our Being.

We are Love.





Jai Ma.

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