Kirtan and Satsang Offerings

Satsang is a sacred gathering of devotees for the sake of spiritual growth and building of community. 

All are welcome. 

Kirtan is a sacred and ancient practice of devotion. We chant the Names of Divine Love in a melodiously meditative call and response expression of song. This opens our hearts to a deeper connection to the Love that is our Truest, Purest Nature... and, oftentimes, a felt sense of that Love. 


Our Kirtan is a devotional offering to the Divine Mother, Ma Kali Durga (or, as we usually call Her, Ma). It is by Her grace that we are on this Path of Love, and it is for Her love alone that we sing. 

The intention behind any of our kirtan collaborations is a heart-healing offering of personal sadhana, or Practice, in hopes that all who hear these Names would draw ever nearer to the Love that they are. We find ourSelves in the Love that we sing. 

A portion of ALL of our proceeds goes directly to Ramana's Garden, a precious home for children in India that Durga Dasi has personally been honored to visit. We believe in giving back to the culture that has given so much to us.

"The privilege of knowing, meditating upon, singing, and serving the divine name is God’s merciful gift to us. May the divine seed of the holy name grow and flourish, purifying our hearts, and may we enjoy the harvest of pure devotion."

-SwamiJi Rev. Bhajanananda Saraswati, Kali Mandir

Upcoming Events

Sun, July 12 | 630pm PDT | Sunday Satsang | Zoom​*** *

Sun, July 19 | 630pm PDT | Sunday Satsang | Zoom​*** *

Sun, July 26 | 630pm PDT | Sunday Satsang | Zoom​*** *

Password for Zoom is JAIMA (all caps)

*Freely Offered | Donations welcome:

** Gentle flow/restorative (balancing for body, mind, heart)

*** Zoom Links will be updated on this page 24 hours prior to class

Durga Dasi is available for home satsangs, healing/yoga, and private events. To schedule, please contact directly here.

Whenever possible, the kirtans I share are offered free of charge. Your sacred contribution, of any amount, allows the continuation of this sacred work of sharing Ma's Love and Her song. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. Jai Ma!
Mere Baba SavasanaDurga Dasi
00:00 / 10:13
Maa's Rest (Lullaby)Durga Dasi
00:00 / 09:36
02 Parameshwari SavasanaDurga Dasi
00:00 / 10:09
Rupa Maa SavasanaDurga Dasi
00:00 / 10:12
01 Guru and Devi InvocationDurga Dasi
00:00 / 02:48
02 Jai Jagadambe & Ancestral ChantDurga Dasi
00:00 / 15:23
03 Baba Hanuman_Sita RamDurga Dasi
00:00 / 20:17
04 Radhe_Shri Krsna Sharanam Mama_Maha MDurga Dasi
00:00 / 17:04
05 Baba ShivayaDurga Dasi
00:00 / 16:42
06 Ending PrayersDurga Dasi
00:00 / 03:14
To receive either complete album as an mp3 download, please make a contribution of any amount and include in the note your email and request for the kirtan. Thank you! Jai Ma!

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