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Photo: Giri Bhai

What Durga Offers:

Durga Devi Dasi seamlessly blends her ancestral Indigenous wisdom and spirituality with Bhakti Yoga; creating unique, Trauma-Informed, somatic experiences for those she serves. These methods invite us to become acquainted with our bodies in a way that allows us to reclaim them as our own. We regenerate the Collective while creating resilience as individuals.   

In all endeavors, we trust Great Spirit to guide us into new heights in our journeys of healing. Durga takes great care in creating  safer, Inclusive spaces. ALL ARE WELCOME HERE.

Life is yoga, living in harmony with Earth Mother, Divine Mother, and the beings with whom we get to share this experience. With Durga, each expression strives to be in union with the innate Divinity that is you, she, and our beloved Mother Earth.

A bit more about Durga Dasi:


Durga Dasi (she/her/they) is an herbalist, CA State Certified (in process) Peer Support Specialist, and trauma-conscious student/teacher of Yoga: asana (postures), meditation, kirtan and knowledge. Blending Hindu philosophy with the Ancestral wisdom of her Indigenous (Chickasaw) and Lebanese heritages, Durga offers a unique approach to healing; utilizing intuitive spiritual guidance, somatic experience through guided meditation and counsel, and Earth Medicine (environmental therapeutics, aromatherapy, and herbs). Having studied yoga in India and the States, she is an enrolled student of her GuruJi: Swami Bhajanananda Saraswati at the Ramakrishna Theological Seminary of Kali Mandir. She's an initiated Kālī devotee (Hindu), while also following spiritual traditions of her ancestry.

Durga is a certified Peer Supporter and Trauma Conscious Yoga teacher, completing her RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training and going on to take additional courses with Off the Mat Into the World, Hala Khouri, Zabie Yamasaki (Transcending Trauma with Yoga), and Nervous System Reset with Jessica Schaffer, amongst others. These training allow them to anticipate and accommodate for various needs of clients in a safer emotional setting. 

In honoring her Relations, Durga studies with Indigenous Circle of Wellness and Rising Hearts, as well as self study of her ancestral ways. She has taken courses in herbalism with Green Wisdom and Wise Earth Ayurveda.

Always seeking to better serve and create safer spaces for all participants; Durga has also studied with the founders of Black Lives Matter (Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi), Grrrl Talk, and the LGBTQ Center of Long Beach. Again, her self study in the topics of anti-racism and social justice is ongoing, and Durga seeks teachers who are Black, Indigenous, Queer, and otherwise marginalized in mainstream society.

Activism has always been an important part of Durga's life, and they proudly stand with MMIW (Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women), Black Lives Matter, Immigrants, Muslims, Environmental Justice, Animal Justice, Social Justice, 2S Queer and Trans communities, children, and sexual assault survivors. 

Durga is an artist. Her preferred mediums are natural oil paints and photography. She is also an ordained minister (you can contact her for more info regarding sacred ceremonies).

Being a Queer person of mixed ethnicity and trauma survivor allows a very personal connection to her offerings and those they serve. Durga resides on Chumash land in California with her partner, child, two cats, and lots of plants! She has taught in the US and India, and invites you to be a part of her safer, inclusive yoga community.


Photo: Durga Devi Dasi

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