Ambika Kirtan

Kirtan is a sacred and ancient practice of devotion. We chant the Names of Divine Love in a melodiously meditative call and response expression of song. This opens our hearts to a deeper connection to the Love that is our Truest, Purest Nature... and, oftentimes, a felt sense of that Love. 


Kirtan is a devotional offering to the Divine Mother, Ma Kali Durga (or, as we usually call Her, Ma). Ambika is one of the original names of the Divine Feminine as an embodied form in ancient Indian culture. 

Our founding members are Durga Dasi (Kirtan Wali, lead vocals and harmonium) and Gisela Valenzuela (percussion, vocals, preparation of Prasad). The intention of our collaboration is a heart-healing offering of our personal sadhana, or Practice, in hopes that all who hear these Names would draw ever nearer to the Love that they are. We find ourSelves in the Love that we sing. 

"It's all about Love. We fall in love with ourSelves the minute we see our True Being. There's no other option, it's so beautiful! If we really believed that we were worthy of love... and that, in fact, WE ARE the Love that's waiting for us within our own hearts... every second of our day would be different. Every single second. Immediately."

-Krishna Das (emphasis added)

A portion of ALL of our proceeds goes directly to Ramana's Garden, a precious home for children in India that Durga Dasi has personally been honored to visit. We believe in giving back to the culture that has given so much to us.

Upcoming Dates

Thur, August 15 | 8 pm| Live after 5 | Kevala Wellness | Long Beach

Fri, August 16 | 7pm | An evening of kirtan with Ambika & Pushpe    

       125 Solace Ct, Encinitas, CA 92024

Friday, August 23 | 7:30pm | Yoga Loft | Manhattan Beach

Friday, September 6 | 7pm | Kevala Wellness | Long Beach

Friday, September 13 | 7:30pm | Yoga Loft, Manhattan Beach

Friday, September 20 | 7pm | Satsang with Durga Dasi (Private Res)

*Durga Dasi also offers weekly yoga classes (Soul Solace) that incorporate kirtan. Please join us!

Soul Solace is a restorative yoga experience that integrates asana, meditation, mantra (kirtan), mudras, and pranayama. All levels are welcome.

Ma Medley - Ambika Kirtan
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Om Namah Shivaya - Ambika Kirtan
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Ambika Kirtan offerings are possible through the generosity of supporters like YOU. Your sacred contribution, of any amount, allows us to continue with the sacred work of sharing Ma's Love and Her song. Thank you for your kindness. Jai Ma!

Durga Dasi

Trained by Govind Das of Bhakti Yoga Shala in 2016, Durga Dasi knew kirtan was her calling in life. She seamlessly fuses her background of gospel and folk music with traditional Indian kirtan.

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Gisela Valenzuela

Gisela is a musician, vegan chef, and certified yoga teacher. Her t-shirt company, Pura Prana, provides scholarships for female-identified individuals experiencing financial hardship to receive healing services.

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