Welcome to the next chapter of your story.​ 

Durga Dasi seamlessly blends her ancestral Indigenous wisdom and spirituality with Bhakti Yoga; creating unique, Trauma-Informed, somatic experiences for those she serves. These methods invite us to become acquainted with our bodies in a way that allows us to reclaim them as our own. We regenerate the Collective while creating resilience as individuals.   


Offerings include:


Kirtan, a musical chanting experience directed toward the heart of Love. 


Yoga, going beyond asana, utilizing a more holistic approach to all Eight Limbs encouraging body, mind, and heart alignment; while inviting homeostasis to the nervous system. 


Somatic Experiencing with Guided Meditation, cultivating presence with body sensations and navigating them to uncover hidden fear, trauma, resistance, etc. 

Trauma Informed Techniques such as resourcing, grounding, and learning practical, simplistic ways to self-regulate our nervous systems. 

In all endeavors, we trust Great Spirit to guide us into new heights in our journeys of healing. Durga takes great care in creating  safer, Inclusive spaces. ALL ARE WELCOME HERE.

In addition to learning and sharing yoga, she's also a licensed cosmetologist. It brings great joy to offer professional beauty services that are better for you and our planet; working with small, Native and Black owned natural makeup suppliers; consciously sourcing organic, vegan, and Earth friendly products and ingredients.


Life is yoga, living in harmony with Earth Mother, Divine Mother, and the beings with whom we get to share this experience. With Durga, each expression strives to be in union with the innate Divinity that is you, she, and our beloved Mother Earth. Care to know more? Learn more about Durga here.

Land Acknowledgement: I live and primarily work on occupied Tongva Territory.

"I came to Durga with a void, a need, riddled with self-deprecating beliefs about myself. The very first session opened something inside of me; I met a part of myself I had been suppressing for many years. The service Durga provides is invaluable. I have been practicing Yoga and meditation for about two years but, upon working with Durga, my body screamed back at me the decades of abuse and neglect. My heart opened, although afraid. My inner-child awoken, acknowledged and gradually set free. Through this work, I was able to cultivate a loving practice with Ma as well. I can connect with Ma in a way I have been yearning to for many years. The work was intense, but incredibly worth it. Durga’s relationship with Ma is beautiful. Her devotion can be felt immediately. It is her connection and devotion with Ma that allows for such loving and impactful work. I am eternally grateful for Durga Dasi. For the time and love she offers to guide others on this path to meet the Self."

- Anonymous

"I had been going to therapy for almost three years when I realized I was stuck.. sick of talking and detached from my emotions.  At this time it was suggested I try to do more body oriented work...
It was the universe aligning for my path to cross Durga’s and for me (of all people) to end up in a private yoga session, so completely outside of my element.  Durga has an uncanny ability to make you feel safe, welcomed, and understood, which helped me through those early sessions. Durga provides a service so unique, which beautifully welds the worlds of yoga, spirituality, and body work — with a high degree of fluency for the recovery process and trauma.  I am grateful beyond words for her divine guidance, which has helped me to begin the process of healing, helped improve my relationship to Self and with others. When I walked into my first session I was willing to try anything to feel whole again (yes even asana), but had no expectation for the kind of love and life I might be capable of living. May the journey continue for all of us. Jai Kali Ma! "

– Adrienne

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