Jai Maa!

It's such an honor to share with you a whole-being embodiment of yoga; an intuitive unity of body, mind, and soul. My approach is simple: allow Yoga to breathe through us. No gimmicks... nothing "new". This ancient Practice needs no improvement, and I strive to maintain the integrity of the Teachings as they're graciously taught to me. I offer heart centered, practical guidance to live your Practice and cultivate healing in all aspects of life. This is yoga beyond asana, reconnecting us to the Love that we are.

Guidance on your own spiritual journey supported by all eight limbs of yoga philosophy... this is Yoga Beyond Asana™

Private Sessions

Discover a deeper connection to yourself and your Practice on and off the mat with weekly classes and special offerings.

Classes & Workshops

Experience the devotional practice of kirtan, a call and response style of singing the names of Love.

Kirtan & Satsang

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