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Get to know Durga and discover how she can facilitate a redesign of your inner landscape!


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Restorative and vinyasa classes, kirtan/satsangs, and workshops. 

Trauma Informed and Inclusive.

Chanting & Yoga Philosophy

Kirtan & Satsang

Chant along and enjoy some of Durga's teachings.

Taking Your Practice Deeper

Private Sessions

Inner navigation utilizing Patanjali's 8 Limbs of yoga; fully customized to support your personal healing and Self discovery.


Hair and Makeup

Holistic Beauty

Enhance your natural beauty with sustainable hair color, products, and makeup; expertly applied by

Durga Dasi. Welcoming to all genders!

Yoga & Holistic Beauty 

with Durga Dasi


Jai Mā!

It's such an honor to share with you a whole-being embodiment of yoga and beauty; an intuitive uniting of body, mind, and soul. My approach is simple: allow Yoga to breathe through us. No gimmicks... nothing "new". This ancient Practice needs no improvement, and I strive to maintain the integrity of the Teachings as they're graciously taught to me. I'm delighted to offer heart centered, practical guidance so that together, we can live our Practice and cultivate healing in all aspects of life. This is yoga beyond asana, reconnecting us to the Love and bliss that we are.

True yoga cannot merely be a business. And so, you'll find that I do not conduct my offerings as such... they are extensions of my own Practice, and no one is ever turned away for financial reasons. You are worth more to me than money. Period. 

In addition to learning and sharing yoga, I'm also a licensed cosmetologist. It brings me great joy to offer you professional beauty services that are better for you and the planet. My life is yoga... and each expression of myself is united with the innate Divinity that is you, me, and our beloved Mother Earth. 

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