Jai Ma!

It's such an honor to share with you a whole-being embodiment of yoga; an intuitive unity of body, mind, and soul. My approach is simple: allow Yoga to breathe through us. No gimmicks... nothing "new". This ancient Practice needs no improvement, and I strive to maintain the integrity of the Teachings as they're graciously taught to me. I offer heart centered, practical guidance to live your Practice and cultivate healing in all aspects of life. This is yoga beyond asana, reconnecting us to the Love and bliss that we are.

On a personal note: 

I pray you are well and safe during this time. These weeks in solitude have become such a precious time of reflecting both the inner demons and the delicious light of Love. The biggest battles we face rage inside of us...and the greatest victory... surrendering to the Love that we Are, also awaits us here. And, if we allow it, we can access that stillness anytime.


In all of this solitude, I've come to view my role as a yoga teacher and kirtan wali quite differently... or, perhaps not so differently... but certainly more clearly. Yoga is a Practice, not a business... and, so long as I see it as "business", it cannot be my Practice.


So, rather than quitting, I'm restructuring.


This is where you come in.


My heart's desire is for yoga to be accessible to all who want it! In order for me to have the time and space to offer these sacred practices, there obviously must be some financial flow! Here's where it gets exciting! My beloved patrons are now sustainers of yoga! Your monthly contribution now directly sponsors those who cannot otherwise afford to take a class, attend a kirtan, or explore private sessions. And, there's no more dire time to offer this than now, when so many of us, myself included, are unemployed...even if only temporarily.


By becoming a sustainer and partnering with me, YOU are making a huge difference in the lives of very real people... people who are scared and confused and seeking relief from their suffering... Just like you. Just like me.


Thank you, from ALL of us... thank you.


At Her Divine Feet,

Durga Dasi

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